2004-2007 Repertoire

Clarinet with Various Instruments

Bartok, Bela

Trios, Opus 11 and 38
Beethoven, Ludwig van

Duo for Clarinet and Cello
Blackburn, Jonathan

Trio in A Major
Brahms, Johannes

Yo, Picasso
Lee, Thomas Oboe

Trio (Cl, Vln, Pno)
Khatchaturian, Aram

Quartet for the nd of Time (Cl, Vln, Vlc, Pno)
Messiaen, Olivier

Divertimenti (with Bassoon and Clarinet or Strings)
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus

Fantasy Trio (Cl, Vln, Vnc)
Muczynski, Robert

Duo for Clarinet and Bassoon
Poulenc, Francis

End of Summer (Cl, Vln, Pno)
Rorem, Ned

Trio (Cl, Vnc, Pno)
Rudolphe, Archduke

Tarentella (Cl, Fl, Pno)
Saint-Saens, Camille

Shepherd on the Rock (Soprano, Cl, Pno)
Schubert, Franz

Vocalise (Soprano, Cl)
Vaughan Williams, Ralph